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    I'm failing the IQ test and too tired to think straight.

    Everything seems ok - no odd utilities or hacks - generally works fine - but tonight when I try to hotsync it gets as far as "Synchronizing" and stops. If I cancel, it goes to "Canceling - please wait" and never gets past that point unless I force it with a ctrl-alt-del and a warm restart.

    I rebooted the computer, warm and cold started the 650 - no difference. When I did a complete cold start and reloaded everything, it had the same problem even with a freshly rebooted computer.

    ??? any ideas ???
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    Solved by moving backup folder to desktop, uninstalling Palm software, hard rebooting the handheld, and selectively re-installing. I'm up to about half of what was there with no problem so far.

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