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    I have a Jabra 250 (works fine) and TomTom go BT GPS (works great). My question or problem is when running the GPS if I get a call (I dont mind the GPS shuts down at this point) but when I accept the call, it takes up to 10 seconds for my headset to respond after I accepted. I can here people in the phone ear piece and I keep telling them to hold on.
    Is it that with BT only one thing can run at a time and it takes that long for the headset to reacquire the sole BT signal? Or is there a problem with the 250 VS the TOMTOM?
    This makes my not want to use the GPS (which I love) in fear of souding like a ***** if an important call comes in, or risk using the phone while I'm driving without an ear piece, can anyone out there guide me a little here (I'm pretty new)
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    Geez anybody???
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    I would like to know if others are having this prob as well

    Mabye the Mods could change the title to read "WITH" instead of "VS"

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