This may be a purely desktop software issue but...

I had a treo600 for over a year and went through a few versions of palm desktop during that time.

All along I have always made use of the "file link" feature in the palm desktop hotsync manager to keep my treo contacts in sync with a .csv file which my filePro application on my unix server periodically exports.

The other day I got a treo650 and the manual says to uninstall your existing palm desktop and install from the CD that came with the treo650.

I did that.

Now, when I click on hotsync --> file link in the palm desktop,
nothing happens. The palm desktop window titlebar turns grey like it loses focus, but no other window comes up to account for that.

Anyone else have this problem? Is there much that's actually special about the desktop that comes with the treo or should I just get the latest generic palm desktop from the palm site?

I really need that file link working again.

OR, is there a 3rd party app that does the same thing? For example, I beleive I have purchase "SyncBuddy" some time ago but never used it much. Maybe I can use that even now without reinstalling the desktop... I'll look into that one myself but I'm still interested in others suggestions.