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    My wife's Kyocera broke. We purchased a used Treo300 from Ebay. But no software! I've searched palmone--could not find the software there.

    Can someone direct me? I'm sorry for being a dork
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    Send me an email with your mailing address and I'll burn you a CD. I just retired my 300 because I got my long-awaited 650.
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    Go to palmone and click on software. on the left side there are five sub categories under software. Palmone software is the last one. put your cursor on that and go straight across to organizer software. The desktop software is there for windose and mac.
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    I found the software suite on Palmone. Can I install that over the Kyocera version 3.1.1? We have zillions of contacts and such that it would be terrible to lose. Terrible as in my wife would kill me. That sort of terrible.

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