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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick
    IMO, Powerrun is a MUCH better solution if all you want to do is move apps to the SD card. Zlauncher is pretty complex, and is geared more towards those that want to tinker with the appearance (not knocking it, but it's too much for me).

    Powerrun is very straightforward and very easy to use. I just wish P1 would release a free launcher to coincide with their free 128MB card memory "solution." (it's not much of a solution if you have to buy a 3rd party launcher).

    Oh well. Powerrun for me, but I think you will get a lot of Zlauncher recommendations.
    There are other options...

    I find z-launcher complex, ugly and non-intuitive.
    Launcher-X on the other hand is simplicity itself and very powerful!

    If you are less concerned with the 'browse' capability and more interested in the launch capability, then give Initiate a try (yes - my app!). Initiate light is freeware and will merrily move apps to/from sd card as well as launch them from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mangier
    I would also prefer to use MegaLauncher with the 650 but I don't know how compatible it is. Is anyone using this launcher on the 650? If so does it take care of some of the same memory issues as ZLauncher or PowerRun by allowing seemless use of apps stored on the sd card?

    I currently use megalauncher on my 650 and have had no problems with it all so far. It is smaller than zlauncher and comes with a file manager (commander) in the current version. It will move apps to and from SD cards automatically. It is a good program. I was using zlaucher until my free upgrades for life ran out Go figure, I guess they needed money. It does do more than any other laucher out there. It also takes up more space than any other launcher out there. I did not find any of it to complicated, but I am a computer consultant by trade, and teach how to use Palm classes. I do wish there were a few more things that Megalauncher would do and then I could drop zlauncher all together (its link or shortcut support is not as good as zlaunchers at the moment).
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