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    Does anyone remember on the Sony PDA's how you could choose from preferences to have icon, small icon, list, or small list? Is there a program like that for the 650? I want the icon view, but with the space of the list view? Anyone?
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    Did you try preferences on the application page?
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    You have to use a third party launcher to get small icon view with the Treo 650. I wish it weren't true, I loved the Sony's with that option. There are many, many launchers out there, but ZLauncher is the only one close to working completely with the Treo 650. The only issue that ZLauncher has is with the 22 system icons displaying. The use of an optional iconset is a viable workaround until they get around to fixing it. All the other launchers either have 2-5 other issues with the Treo 650 that are show-stoppers for me.

    ZLauncher is what I am using since LauncherX doesn't look like it will ever be updated again. A shame too, I loved LauncherX way more then ZLauncher.
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    Thanks for the links! I will try out zlauncher. I really wish someone would make a program to add small icon function straight into preferences though. Oh well, a man can dream...

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