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    Downloaded Afterburner 2.2 and have the following options regarding speed (all in MHz)13, 14, 15, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, and 28. I have no need (or desire) to speed every application up, and actually would like to have the option to slow a few down (to conserve power). Questions:

    1) What is "normal?" How many MHz does the Visor run on, in its default settings?

    2) How fast do you dare run your apps on the Visor?

    3) How slow do some of you run your apps on the Visor?

    Temporarily Content With Default Settings,

    Alpha Texana
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    Admitting my ignorance, I don't know what "normal" is. 20Mhz?

    anyway, I run most things at default (normal), with a few exceptions:

    Find I spice up to 24. Could be faster but I don't use it much at all.

    Avant-Go, PeanutReader I run at slowest.

    Launcher III run at 24, so my DAs etc. pop up with a bit of snap.


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    18mhz is default.

    Essentially, speed up the things you want more zippy.

    Slow down the things you want to conserve batteries while using.

    Keep anything that needs to use IR at 18.

    Other than the IR issue, it seems that most programs can run at any speed. Your milage may vary. Some people have reported some warmth after extended hi-speed session; nothing has melted that we've heard of.

    Games get a little hairy at 28.

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    I am interested to know if anyone has had a problem while running Afterburner. I have been ready to install it for weeks but have held off until I could hear about the experiences of others who use it. Tks.
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    Actually, the Visor normally runs at 16 MHz.

    Regarding Afterburner, I used it for a while, setting most apps to run at 13 MHz to prolong battery life. Some apps seemed to have an aversion to that speed, though, and caused soft resets. Other apps seemed to have problems at certain other speeds. Sorry I don't remember the exact apps and speeds. Anyway, I ended up removing it to avoid problems. It may have been a combination of Afterburner and Switch Hack (or some other hack), I don't know.
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    I'll chime in just to reiterate the above post -- the default clock speed is 16MHz. (The Palm Vx is 20MHz, and the fastest default speed for Palm to date.)

    I run AfterBurner with everything at 26MHz. I get regular soft resets, but I cerainly can't corrolate them with AfterBurner. I have had regular soft resets with my Palm III (no AB), IIIx (no AB), and now Visor (first month no AB, second with AB).


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    I've been running AfterBurner at 22MHz for a while now without any problems. Beam Box has to be set to run at "Normal" speed though.

    btw, the fastest speed that you can set AfterBurner to is 29MHz. Use the "Fastest" setting if you want this speed.
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    In response to "I am interested to know if anyone has had a problem while running Afterburner"
    YES! if your using the 8meg flash springboard
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    What are folks finding about the effect on battery life? I've had my IVX for three weeks now and started using Afterburner the first day, I stopped, though, because I was only getting 3 & 4 days out of the batteries! After removing Afterburner my last set lasted a whole whopping week!

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