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    I am a newbie. And I already got it wired thanks in big part to treo central and the users here. I bought my first PDA 7 months ago - a Sony CLIE th-55. Sweet, but I would hold it to my head and proclaim "if it were only a phone also" I sold the CLIE on EBAY, and bought the 650 as soon as they would sell me one. I read about peoples concerns about memory, and looked at other phones, but ultimately, I bit the bullet and got the TREO 650, and I have not looked back since. What a *****en phone!!!

    Here's what I am doing with my treo so far:

    *got 1gb sd card at frys for $69.00 ($49.00 if i ever get my rebate)
    *downloaded a ringtone from sprint (it's just OK)
    *got a stereo adapter for my senheiser headphones
    *loaded 300mb of mp3 on sd card
    *took a video with the camera and sent it via email
    *same with photos
    *make calls
    *beamed a file
    *surf internet
    *recieve emails with attachments
    *loaded work spreadsheets and .doc files and use with docs to go (rad!)
    *playing chess with chroma games
    *playing dope-wars
    *playing warfare inc (wow)
    *playing tetris
    *loaded Zlauncher - and put all the extras on the SD card (Zlauncher is SOOO cool!)
    *loaded p-tunes - now listen to favorite streaming internet music anywhere anytime
    *Loaded MMplayer - ripped some dvd's with smatripper, encoded with virtual dub, and now watching FULL LENGTH cinema on my treo. I can put three or four FULL movies on the sd card Currently have "meet the parents", and a surf flick, and an off-road movie. and yes, it will do porn also.
    *Installed "card export" Reccomend Highly! mounts the sd card on your PC in "my computer" as if it were a removable disk - uses usb. I can transfer HUGE files (sorta) quickly to the sdcard with this.

    I am sure there is more that I have left out, but I just got to say that this is one hell of a machine. I love it, everybody should have one.

    I plan to try soon:
    *bluetooth features - i don't have anything thats bluetooth now - but I want a portable keyboard and a headset.
    *RF remote control software
    and MORE!

    In case anybody is wondering, I still have almost 9mb left on built-in memory.

    Only problems I have experienced so far is a couple of random freezes, and soft resets. The battery life is VERY SHORT if the phone is on and looking for a network, ie. out of range. If you are driving in the middle of the desert, turn the phone off.

    I am also wondering about a couple of Apps:

    looking for:
    *wysiwyg type html editor, I use Dreamweaver MX on the PC and Mac.
    *art and photo editing program(s) I use p-shop and illustrator on PC and Mac.
    *financial software, I use quicken on PC.
    *any internet based multiplayer game(s)

    Thanks again to all here, and please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences.
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    Look for Pocket Quicken from Landware. Not sure if it's 650 compatible yet, though.
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    Thanks, I am gonna check that out now!
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    Pocket Quicken looks like exactly what i want. I am gonna try it out. I'll post results later.

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