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    1.0b17.15 at

    * CE now returns to the proper message after going into message view
    * Useless "Extra Line Feeds" preference removed
    * Useless "From" (vs. "Default") in "Notify" sleep preferences removed
    * Added "Draft" button to composition screen
    * Added "Don't Quote Message in Replies" preference
    * Added "Go to Folder View After Delete" preference
    * Added battery meter on bottom of screen
    * Added 'c' shortcut for compressed mode in Folder View
    * Added a "Reply All" button in Message View (yes, I need better icons)
    * Fixed a bug in which no message was highlighted when first starting CE
    * Changed folder list popup entries from green to black
    * Removed "Quick Replies" from Pref menu (wasn't used)
    * Using "space bar" to select message automatically moves to next message
    * New menu command "Toggle View Addressee" for sent message folder(s) so that addressee can be seen instead of your own address...


    + Users of Treo 650's can now add videos as attachments


    + Fixed problem with formatting in replies (line feeds were getting removed)
    + Fixed problem with long SMTP login names
    + Changed folder view formatting to allow for longer folder names


    + Fixed addressing bug in sending mail (introduced in 17.11)


    + Fixed bug in which some recipients wouldn't be included in a "Reply All"
    + Major update of documentation. It's at


    + Improved text formatting in Message View
    + Logs now re-open after resets


    + The "Find" operation now works again (it was inadvertendly removed in a few recent versions).
    + There is now a Preferences checkbox for "Make Chatter Default Email App" which guarantees that Chatter is the Treo's default email app.


    It looks like a subtle change in 17.7 has been causing resets when the radio is started up for a number of people. This version will (hopefully) fix that problem. I've also added a separate check box in Preferences for turning the radio on after a reset, since many of you use TreoHelper (or similar app) to accomplish this.


    It has some enhancements to "Drafts" that I suspect will be useful to some of you:

    + There is now a concept of a "Template", which is a message in Drafts that 1) is locked (i.e. must be unlocked to be deleted) and 2) doesn't get modified or deleted when a message composed with it gets sent. Therefore, you can use a template over and over, replacing whatever parts of it are desired.

    + Messages in "Drafts" have the new commands "Make Template" or "Make Draft" available from the popup arrow (depending on whether the message is already a draft or a template).

    + Templates, pretty much by this definition, cannot be edited directly. To change a template, one can turn it into a draft, edit it, and then cancel out, saving it as a draft (this will need some cleaning up).

    + Messages in "TreoSent" have three new commands - "Make Template" (make a Template in "Drafts", "Make Draft" (make a copy in "Drafts"), and "Resend" (make a copy in "Outbox" for sending).

    I will be adding some enhancements to this at some point, but wanted to make it available now for you folks to play with.


    + The drafts folder uses the proper SMTP profile for sending
    + Edits in drafts are now saved if you use "Cancel" instead of "Send"
    + Qsync and Sync times use the 24hr (military time) preference
    + Removed "Reset phone for upgrade" command. "Reset Phone" now resets without restarting Chatter.
    + "Trust certificates" is now in Preferences (a global setting), rather than being settable for each folder
    + "B" encoding is now supported for foreign character sets (making headers readable in a number of previously illegible cases


    + Fixes problem that caused a few people to crash when answering an incoming call
    + Fixes a logging-related crash
    + For legacy IM users, auto-start now works with the IM server.


    + New versions no longer auto-start the first time they are run
    + Locked messages don't show the delete button in message view
    + A root folder can be specified in accounts,, for those of you linux folks who need to specify it. I haven't been able to test this much; I'd appreciate some feedback from those who could use it. Note: If you don't know what I'm talking about here, just ignore it!
    + You can now delete the default inbox, although it may "appear" after a
    reset briefly (I need to fix this)
    + Chatter now returns to the last folder viewed when it is re-entered.


    + Improved the auto-start functionality to make upgrading to 17 easier
    + Added "junk" command for those who move deleted messages to another folder.


    Hi. I've uploaded 1.0b17 today. It contains many new features since 1.0b15.13, all of which have been described for mailing list participants via announcements.

    The significant changes are:

    + New account/folder structure
    + New "Auto Start" feature (in Prefs).
    + Reply All focus starts in message
    + Comma added after addressee lookup
    + can specify "Cycle" from folders (for "Next Folder" in Buttons)
    + upped msg limit to 60k
    + can now attach items from Pics&Videos in T650 (pics only at this point)
    + new look in main window
    + asks about turning on radio
    + scroll bar not at top of list issue fixed
    + variety of smaller bugs fixed

    Last edited by Chatter; 01/11/2005 at 04:07 PM.
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    Just wondering, are the options for saving and archiving to the storage card still on the roadmap for the first non-beta release?
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    Reset Phone for Upgrade is gone. If I have auto start on reset how am I affected?
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    I think I know why, when I downloaded the off the imchatter site it downgraded the app to 13. The download from worked. I think the link is misdirected.
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    I just downloaded b17, because the previous version had caused m phone to reset a dozen times today. But I'm in worse shape now... When my phone reestart it says that the version of Chatter is outdated and then it hangs on the Palm Powered screen. Looks like I'll be doing a hard reset, the 10 soft resets (so far) haven't fixed the problem.

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    have you integrated chatter with the agenda view on the 650 yet? Under calendar view agenda I get how many unread messages of messages from versamail. would love to have that as chatter emails instead.
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    i am only on the trial version. i was on 1.0b15.13 and downloaded the newest version but after install it still says i'm on 1.0b15.13. what am i doing wrong?
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    smartphone - Try loading again...

    Re: Calendar, I'm not sure it's possible.

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    Dunc - I could use more information. There is very little difference between 16m and 17, and I haven't had any problems on a 600 or a 650.

    The new "auto start" code has been an issue, although I think it's ok in 17. I'd suggest reset'ing the phone with rocker-up and then installing all three of the files for 17 again.

    Let me know how it goes.

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    SamT - The "official" download location is I had forgotten to update the site, as you figured out. It's fixed now.

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    Marc - I was running 16m on my 600 and upgraded to 17. Autostart was enabled on 16m (whether it was working or not). I did the reset, rocker up (earlier this evening), deleted everything and resynced. Things seem to be working fine now.

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    It turns out that auto-start is a very complex thing to implement; sorry about some of the issues that cropped up.

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    reset my phone in chatter
    hotsync'd the three files for the new 17 version.
    Asks to reset phone..done
    gets to Palm splash and sayschatter email startup failed.
    hit ok.
    finishes boot.
    open chatter
    says do I want to turn radio on
    answer yes or no gets same result
    your trial has three days left
    hit ok.
    Phone resets and we start all over.
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    oh and going into filemanager in zlauncher I cant delete chatter, chatterexg or chatter utils.

    so i seem to be stuck.
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    ok good news. I was able to delete from the launcher screen all it seemed.

    But now chatter is still there but no longer causing a reset...for the moment. adding in all my settings again.

    ok something is missing. No chtter icon in launcher any where and it wont connect after folder info added. gonna reload again.

    resetting and hotsyncing....
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    still nothing. deleted all refs chatter in the phone. Finally got them all deleted.

    reloading again...
    sync done, asks for reset...done
    no message about autostart.
    chatter now shows in launcher again.
    starting chatter.
    radio on? y

    totally new setup..had to find accounts..
    more in a minute.
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    marc..this is alittle different eh?

    Having that there is an account section, would it be good to be able to list the accounts somewhere so one can see what is set up?
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    Sorry about all this. I'd pin-reset the Treo while holding the up-arrow, and releasing when the Palm Powered screen comes up. Then hotsync the three files of b17.

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    new manual maybe??

    Cant get folders to reload at all.

    going to be. hopefully I can ghet it fixed tomorrow.
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    just fyi..all I can get to load is the account and the inbox folder. The folder list will not reload nor will it see folders I type in manually. (i.e. inbox.treocentral) .

    going to bed.
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