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    What does Reset Connections do?
    As i understand it as long as the arrows are grey and not green, i will be able to receive calls?
    Sometimes there is a box with black line through it, this means mail is not sync'd /not connected, how do i make it reconnect without doing a soft reset on my phone?
    Why does my phones(650) status indicator blink green like crazy?
    I understand i can also use chatter as an im client? I do this by typing something into the console to revert to classic; however will i be losing any functionality i currently have? i currently am using 1.0b15.13.
    What does Quick sync all do?
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    "Reset Connections" isn't normally used; it closes and re-establishes all of the active connections. A black line through the box means that the folder isn't connected (i.e. is trying to connect). The status indicator blinks to indicate a new message (you can set/unset this behavior in Notifications). I'm not supporting IM for new users. QuickSync all does a QuickSync on all folders...


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