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    I want to sync Netscape Messenger with my Visor Deluxe but have no idea how. I read the Netscape Help and it said that it would support syncing with PalmPilot but apparently, this does not work for Visor. I have enabled Netscape for MAPI.

    Whenever I try syncing Mail, Hotsync Manager crashes. I am using Windows 98 SE. I have tried contacting Handspring support but they told me to seek help from Netscape instead.

    Does anyone know how to sync Netscape Messenger with Visor?
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    Go here:

    It should tell you everything you need to know. I sync with netscape regularly, works great.

    Also, you can use the bulletin board's search function, there's been some conversation on this before. This place is a great resource.

    Good Luck !

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