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    Haven't tried either, but and Yahoo! Weather have services that appear to meet your needs.

    And if you're willing to spend $5, 4Cast is a great program.
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    Not via e-mail or SMS, but you can set it up to go out and fetch (via internet) weather forecast. And it is a GREAT alarm clock.
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    I use msn's free mobile services to send weather alerts for my commute from CO. Springs to Denver.
    To set it up get an msn messenger account/hotmail/msn whatever to get you logged into msn messenger. Then through the menus configure msn mobile alerts (options|mobile I think). They are easy to setup. I have only my home weather sent to me on weekends & the zip codes of the points along the way on the work days.

    One can also setup other free alerts News/Sports/Loto.
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    if you send an SMS to 42278 , and in the body type in your zipcode ,,,,,,, abra cadabra .........
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    I use a service called Infusion that allows for weather events to be inserted into your calendar via your PC's calendar (mine is Lotus Notes). These get sync'd to your device and predicts one week at a time, three cities for me (Detroit, Pune, and Paris).

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    looks like SMS to 42278 will charge $0.75.
    "Take the Weather with You!
    Send a text message with a zip code or city name to 4CAST (42278)and well send the 36 hour forecast to your phone. $0.75 per message. Its easy to use, always on, and flexible! No need to subscribe or sign up! Click here for details."
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    I use msn alerts. Works great!
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