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    anyone have email client for the mobile employee other than the blackberry? A solution that works with industry standards? Let me know cause I don't know who to chose is what I meant...any ideas?
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    I'm not sure I quite understand you, but I use SnapperMail on my Treo 300/(went back after 600 turned out to be defective), and it works quite well on the go.
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    Anthony, is for personal use or business use?
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    I use Sprint Business Connection Personal and it works just fine for me... I have it set up on my work pc and then have my home email added as a pop.
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    Chatter is absolutely the best! Push email, or scheduled offline syncs - the only hitch is you need IMAP connectivity, which you can get for free through fastmail (

    Good luck.
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    I have different guys in my IT department getting info on the different solutions and I will look into all. I am focusing on GoodLink today..looking into sprint's solution, snapper and chatter. There software is working so far and took not time to setup the server and connect to exchange. So far so Good. I heard their 4.0 version can wirlessly provision end-users to install, upgrade, etc... Service or rep I talked to was great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdamaster
    Anthony, is for personal use or business use?
    Business of course. I receive monitoring alerts on it from different servers on the network. If I forget to check sometimes (like on the weekends) it gathers quite a few. I think my record was 800 emails, at which point I was wondering where my Treo 300 (12 megs, 3 free) had memory to handle it all.

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