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    I am unable to receive a beam on my Treo 650. I can beam ok to my old Tungsten for example, but am unable to receive a beam back. Any ideas? It was the same way on an earlier Treo 650 (which I had to return for another reason), which leads me to believe there is software incompatability etc.
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    What are you beaming from? If it's a 600, read this.
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    Hey, good find!

    However, if that doesn't solve your problem, don't feel like the lone ranger. Apparently there have been many reports of the beam send/receive either just not working at all or working intermittently.

    I returned my 650 to the store for this very problem. I couldn't send NOR receive, but the bizarre thing is that my Universal Keyboard, which transmits using the IR port, worked just fine. Go Figure.

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    Thanks. I did a hard reset with both machines (Tungsten T and Treo 650) and they beamed fine both ways. This was before I loaded anything back on. I didn't try the palm fix but I'm imagining this might work. I don't beam often but I'm at ease now knowing that it is not a hardware issue.

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