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    I know the search for perfection with PDA hardware and software is an uphill battle, but why can't we get at least one music player that will stream audio and play a wide variety of files? If I want to use PTunes Deluxe for streaming, then I have to reburn all the music I have already burned with ITunes or its unusable on PTunes. If I use Kinoma 3 EX to play my ITunes burned music then I can't stream and I also have to use Kinoma's crappy UI. Any solutions I am unaware of?
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    Don't use iTunes AAC format, use MP3 instead, or OGG (iTunes can support OGG by dropping the decoder file into a quicktime folder). AAC is Apple proprietary and Apple charges a lot of $$ for the license. OGG is free and is as good or better than AAC and has no licensing BS so it will likely grow to more MP3 players. Few developers are going to spend a lot of money to support AAC when most of the AAC users likely have an iPod already.

    There is no all in one solution right now. If Apple were smart, they should release iTunes for PalmOS, and PPC, and integrate the iTunes with Palm and PPC devices. This would expand their user base and the AAC format. I would stick with OGG, but I think it would be smart from Apples perspective.
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    Until a few weeks ago, there wasn't even Kinoma.
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    Thanks. What do you mean "dropping the decoder file into a quicktime folder"?
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    First, burning your purchased music isn't a bad idea since if your computer disk goes out you could lose your tunes. Also this lets you listen to in your car, home stereo etc.
    For ripping from your own CD's use MP3 format to be more universal.
    Second there are apps to remove the encryption for tunes you own.

    Treo is fine for having some songs along but if you're doing heavy listening the iPod is certainly the way to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MileHighTreo
    Thanks. What do you mean "dropping the decoder file into a quicktime folder"?
    You can do a search for "OGG iTunes" on the net, and find a link that has a file that you can download and put into a folder in the Quicktime directory. All of the iTunes decoder/encoders are stored in this directory. Once the file is in the directory, iTunes can play OGG files. I copied all of the songs on my Treo in OGG format since it is the best format supported by PocketTunes in terms of sound quality, and I like the fact it is an open standard. I wanted to be able to play my OGG songs in iTunes and found this solution. Their are also Nero API's that will allow Nero to convert OGG standard CD format and burn an audio CD using OGG while preserving CD Text data. I would like an OGG encoder for iTunes, but this could be some time.

    Here is the link to the Quicktime component needed: Quicktime OGG

    Here is a link to the Vorbis Project: Vorbis Project Site

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