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    I'm considering buying Puma's Intellisync to sync with our company's GroupWise (upgrading to 5.5 next week), but the info on Puma's web site says that Intellisync requires an available serial port. Does this mean that the serial cradle is required? Has anyone used Intellisync with the USB cradle?

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    My guess is that it was never updated to cover the Visor. HotSync Manager (included w/ your Visor) is what handles the communication between your cradle and the PC. Intellisync is a set of "conduits" that connect HotSync Manager to your desktop applications.

    Long story shouldn't be an issue.
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    I'd be interested in hearing a definitive answer on this one... I had the impression that intellisync was a totally separate application from HotSync. If that is the case, then it would have to have USB support. If it's just using conduits through Hotsync, then I can see where it would be fine.

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    Just ran a test w/ Intellisync 3.5 and Lotus Notes 4.66 over USB. Works fine. The only thing separate about Intellisync is the configuration program. PocketMirror (which ships w/ the Visor) does the same thing.

    As I said earlier, the only application that "talks" to the Visor (or Palm) is HotSync. Intellisync, EasySync, PocketMirror, Desktop to Go, et al. plug into HotSync and "talk" to applications like Notes, Outlook, Act, etc. on behalf of HotSync.
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    Cool... thanks for the additional info.

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    Thank Gregg!

    I now have Intellisync 3.6 (ordered from for $65) and it works fine with USB. I'm using it to sync with GroupWise 5.5 at work and Outlook 2000 at home. Seems to be a great piece of software, very easy to use, with lots more options than Pocketmirror that comes with the Visor.

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