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    Hey guys...seeing as every phone call to sprint PCS support ends in uselessnes...I am deciding to give this forum a try .

    I am using a 3rd party Palm OS contact management program called ACT! for Palm. It seems to be taking over the call button...and every time i add a note when I click "Done" it turns the phone off...

    seems to be a button mapping issue...but I am not familiar with PDAs... I know DateBook 5 has a similar issue....and they fixed it... but is there a manual way I could fix it in remap the phone button or whatnot?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks!
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    well im a little closer now.. found this reset phone button on the datebook5 webpage that seems to work...but whenever i click any functions within turns the phone off still... anyone know of a way to remap these?
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    The app may not be fully compatible with the 650. Have you tried ACT! support yet?
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    I called ACT! also..apparently they dont support the treo 650..and dont know anything about it..but they do support the 600. No solid advice was given.

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