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    I talked with my t-mobile corporate sales rep over the weekend. I wanted to get a test model of the 650 to evaluate for our sales force. He told me that t-mobile was going to skip the 650, that their engineers had determined it was not a platform they wanted to support. He alluded to "problems" with the device, but he could not elaborate.

    He tried to sell me on the Ipaq, and interestingly enough, he said t-mobile was going to launch EDGE in January. Has anyone heard this previously? And can anyone elaborate on the "problems" t-mobile might have identified with the 650?
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    T-Mobile has always been lukewarm about the Treo. Sounds like he was trying to sell you a poor product they already have then a product that they don't know yet if they will carry. I expect that once the other vendors pick up the 650, that T-Mobile will. But I also expect it will a few months before they do so.
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