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    I want to know, has anyone else experienced corrputed picture files after sending them to your SD card on your treo650 through the pics&vides applicaton?

    Here is the situation:

    I have 120 images on my Treo's internal memory, I transfer them to my SD card, I can still view them on the Treo. Then when I read the files (or even copy them) from the Treo, most images are missing 1/12 of the acutal image and are seen as corrupted picture files on my Mac and PC. I ran Graphic Converter on them to fix the bad files, but they are still missing a chunck of data towards the end of the file that generates bars on the bottom of the photo.

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    The way that I discovered it was when I tried to make an exact backup "image" of my sd card to keep on my hard drive so that I could put it on my other cards to allow me to easily change card for diff't movies/mp3s and still have all the data that Z launcher needed to run.

    Anyhoo, when I attempted to do this, the card copy would stop because it kept getting to the corrupted files. On the PC, the files had strange file names with lots of boxes, blanks, _ 's and other symbols.
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    What brand and size of SD cards are being used in this situation. I know that some models of Sandisk cards have (had?) problems with file corruption -- the 256MB blue ones I think.

    This may be the problem. I'd try the process with some reference (junk) photos on different memory cards to see if any consistencies arise.

    Hope this helps!
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    both of my cards are the Lexar 1 meg (the non32x ones)
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    I am using SanDisk 512, I tried out my Lexar 256 and got the same results. I also tried my SanDisk 1gig ...same problem...

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    Here is what I do.... I copy them to the card then delete from the 650. I then use Card Export II and transfer them to my computer. No corrupted files yet.
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    I had this same issue using a SanDisk 256meg card. 2-3 weeks later my card died all together wherein it wouldn't even format or be recognized by my PC. RIP

    I recently bought a 1gb card and everything so far seems to work much better and quicker.
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