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    Hi all,
    I have had the Kyocera 7135 since the day it was launched two years ago, but now I am planning to move on to the Treo 650. Since they are very different (though both use a Palm OS), I was curious what you had to do for the conversion.

    When I'd get a new 7135, I just took my SD card (with BackupBuddyVFS) out of my old 7135 and put it in the new 7135 and just tapped "Restore". That was all it took. But because the T650 is a totally different machine, I assume I can't do the same thing this time.

    Can I even do it the BackupBuddyVFS "Restore" way? If so, which files do I need to remove so as not to mess the 650 up?
    Are there any apps that we loved on the 7135 that can't be used on the 650?

    I would appreciate any 7135 --> Treo 650 people's advice and tips.

    Thanks so much,
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    Markito, welcome to the the world of the Treo 650. I too was an early adopter of the Kyocera 7135 and remember your name from I've enjoyed my migration, although I do miss the clamshell form factor somewhat. Anyway, a couple of comments:

    1. BackupBuddyVFS is not yet compatible with the Treo 650 so that would not be a way to go.

    2. I simply synchronized my new Treo 650 via my desktop after installing the new Palm Desktop software and everything went without a hitch!

    Let me know if you have any other questions. You should check out the stickys for very important fixes/bugs/info...
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    I remember you. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it.
    Do you own Luka Bloom's fine cd "The Acoustic Motorbike"?:

    Anyone else have advice to share?
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    Hey, burrito - IIRC.......

    I actually remember you from the 6035 board. Actually, I'd recommend copying and renaming your current palm directory and then uninstalling everything palm. Then, I'd load the new plm desktop and resync your contacts from outlook.

    After that, I'd bring the progs over one by one to assure that nothing crashes.

    Older versions of backupman seem to work, so I'd do a frequent backup on the 650 to make sure that all goes well and that you can return to a good point if things go south.....

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    Wow, we do go way back, you even remember when I went by "Markito Burrito"!!!!!
    I'm impressed!
    I'ts nice to be new at a forum but not feel like a lonely stranger. Thanks for the greeting and advice.
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    I still think that the 6035 was a great phone with a mediocre palm. I miss the hard phone buttons you could dial in the dark.....

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    I'm a Smartphonesource member too. Got my 7135 in February of 03. An Alltell phone I got Verizon to provision it. Those were the days. Since December 4th I've had my Treo 650 and the Kyo is in the drawer abandoned. I loved that gadget, but the 650 is better. I never would have believed that I'd like the thumboard. Anyway, enough OT rambling. I had all kinds of problems transitioning until I found Treocentral. I tried to sync to my old username but that brought over a lot of Kyo proprietary files. This did not work too well with the Treo. I then renamed the backup folder and loaded programs one by one. Now it works great.
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    I was yet ANOTHER Smartphonesource'rs who dumped the 7135 for the Treo 600, and haven't looked back yet. Just upped to the 650 and I'm very happy and contented with my new toy/workhorse. Make the move and ENJOY!!!
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    Hey to all your kyocera freaks! I was a long time reader (not much of a poster) at smartphonesource in pre-pdahponehome times and I recognize you guys too!

    Anyway, just a little query...but what the hell happenned to Kyocera? Did they give up on palmos, and are they ever going to release another palmos smartphone again? I remember reading rumors long ago that something was in the pipeline, but alas nothing ever materialized. I think some one should tell Kyocera that their 2 year product cycles are really annoying!
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    I recall that the plagued the 7135 kind of killed the Kyo palmphone for the major carriers, which left cellone and alltel as the only vendors for the 7135. The Samsung i500 is the closest that Sprint has to a proper phone (i.e. real buttons) and a palm.

    Here's a design. take a 650 without the glitches, more memory etc and have the area where the kyboard now resides twist. On one side would be the current keyboard while the other side would have 12 giant buttons for dialing plus an answer and hangup key. You get into your car, twist the phone so the buttons are visible and drop it into your car cradle. ........

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    I also had one of the 1st 7135's (thanks to all the help from SPS). 5 replacements later (last one worked great) I sold it on eBay (and made a killing on it) and am awaiting a GSM 650. I just saved my Palm folder and will install progs 1 at a time rather then chance bringing along old junk.
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    Mister Ed,
    I remember you.
    That's quite an avatar you have there. Yikes!
    Glad I don't use GSM.

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