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    A few days ago Tmo cut the last "extra" evailable with $4.99 plan -- port 80 that allowed normal web browsing. Now, $4.99 plan only provides what it actually advertises email access conducted through port 110. I can still do webbrowsing but only through my own private proxy that operates on port 110.

    I am missing the ability to use palm ICQ client because it doesn't allow alternative port use. Alternative ICQ client client - Jimm works on port 110 but doesn't work in the background like the official ICQ client

    Also, I am missing the ability to do streaming audio through streamcast. I can't find the way to proxy it

    This move by Tmo sux!, but expected. With the amount of data I use, I just can't justify $20 full internet access from Tmobile
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    Please let us know if you find a way to stream shoutcast. I would really like to have this feature back without paying $20. I just can not justify paying the $20 a month.

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