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    I've been using my visor for a week. Yesterday I installed Runtime to monitor the battery usage. After 21 hours, the program shows the actural runtime is 12 hours. However, the time I used it today is no more than four hours. The question is: how do you think about the accuracy the runtime reported by Runtime (or Uptime)? The battery voltage dropped from 2.53 to 2.47 during this period (the original alkerline).
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    I'm finding that the actual runtime reported by Runtime doesn't match what Uptime reports, either.

    For my NiMHs:
    5 days 9:55 total, 18:31 actual runtime
    15:19 since a soft reset (d'oh!), 26m runtime since s. reset

    5 days 9:55 total, 11:56 actual runtime
    26m runtime since last s. reset.

    I don't get it...
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    Just want to make sure you know that the data displayed on the bottom labelled 'act. runtime' is the time since last reset. If that's what your looking at then don't worry, otherwise, it seems like there may be a problem with Runtime. Jprice's comparison between the two products seems to also indicate a problem. Runtime on my Palm IIIx seems accurate. I wonder if it could be related to any hacks you have installed, or to Palm vs Visor issues. I'll be interested to see any other reports on the issue here.
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    I just installed AutoOff which prevents the Visor from turning itself off. After 1 hour, timed by my stopwatch, both Runtime and Uptime report 1 hour elapsed. So the problem lies elsewhere I guess.

    But, I'm wondering if one program lost data during a freeze while the other didn't. Although, both list the same total runtime. So I'm comfused.

    I like both programs... but for monitoring a single battery set, I like uptime better. Runtime is the best for comparing to past performances though...


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    I use RUNTIME on my Visor which has exactly zero hacks installed. I do use Launcher III, though.

    With my NiMH's I get an average of about 10.5 hours actual use time. I use the backlight frequently.


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    I could have written almost exactly what LarryD just wrote above!!!!!

    I've gone through a couple of weeks using my NIMH rechargeable from Radio Shack (550mAh) and my actual runtimes are between 9 and 10 hours...I use the backlight quite a bit, and don't have any hacks installed.

    Stan in Colorado
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    Well now I don't feel so bad. I don't use the backlight at all and am getting 11 to 11 1/2 hours on my RS NiMHs.

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    Sorry for this being off topic, but why are you using RS NiMH for $5 each when you can get 650mAh for about $2.50 each from thomas dist.?
    I almost bought the RS also until I found a link to a faq about NiMH.

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