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    I just bought the HS820 BT headset for my Treo 650. When I go to the BT Manager and try to search for new devices it will not recognize my headset.

    1. It is on.
    2. I have not run any CD's that came with my 650 as I am getting a new laptop and do not want to set it up on my work desktop (could this be a factor?)

    I would appreciate any help.

    In fact of those that have an opinion should I return the headeset and get a different brand/model.

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    You need to start with the 820 in the off posisition then push and hold the button until you see a SOLID blue light, then tell the 650 to search for devices, they will do thier thing for a bit, and then you select the 820 on the 650 and enter the security code 0000 then you are done.
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    Thanks, I was only holding till a blue flashing light. It worked. If you read this, did you download some sort of patch I was reading about last week about how to make your 650 have clearer sound?
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    Yes I did and I am happy with the change
    You can get it at If you decide to do it- READ the directions and follow them EXACTLY!

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