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    Hi all, if it possibile to copy treo contact on my sim card?
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    Yes and No...
    You can't 'bulk' copy but if you want to copy a few contacts:
    1. Go to contacts and copy the number (highlight number and then menu+c)
    2. Go to the SIM Book application
    3. Tap ADD
    4. Input a name and tab to the NUMBER field.
    5. Paste the number (menu+P)
    6. Tap OK

    You will have to do this for every number you want to put on your SIM card. I know of no other way
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    If you've got another cell phone with IR, read this:
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    Or, if you have a Nokia, Motorola or Ericsson that can connect to a desktop computer:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(36401),ts=Palm_External2001

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