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    I have a Serial GPS (wired ) receiver. I want to make a cable to use with my Treo 650. But I do not have the pin layout for Treo 650. Can any one help ?
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    Which gps receiver do you have? Thesupplynet has a bunch for several differnt one compatible with the 650:
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    The cables are showing for ~$60. For ~$100 you can get a Bluetooth GPS receiver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by is selling serial cables that work with Garmin eTrex and standard (Garmin round) connectors. They are now shipping T5 and Treo 650 Serial cables, and are able to provide a cable solution to connect the Treo 650 with Garmins. (Of course, a person should be sure that they have GPS mapping software that will run on the 650.)

    I have Itrek wired GPS receiver. Do you have a cable that allows me to use my Itrek receiver with Treo 650 ? If yes, can you give me the link I would like to get it.

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