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    I've got a weird problem ... The phone button on my Treo 650 has stopped launching the Phone app. If I do a hard reset it works fine, but when I restore all my apps and prefs it stops working again. Actually it's a little stranger than that.

    When I do a full restore, the device resets and launches the Phone app. If I do not immediately press another button to go to another app, the Phone app flashes, as if reloading itself, and from that point on the phone button doesn't work. It's like the first time after a hard reset the Phone app is somehow taken over by something else, and a preference is set somewhere that I can't undo without a hard reset.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this? I'd rather avoid reinstalling everything from scratch...
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    Are you running DateBook5? If so, that's what took over your phone button. Here's a link to a thread with a link to the latest version that they say fixes the problem.

    There was also at one time a patch for that, you can search the threads for it if this version doesn't work for you.
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    Nope ... not running DateBook5 ...
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    Did you ever use Datebook5?
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    If it's not DateBk5, then some other app is taking over the Phone button (thinking it's hardware button #1).
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