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    Hi all,

    I just had my second 300 replaced by Sprint with a refurb 600 and I'm wondering if anyone has any hints to make the transition easier. So far, I'm liking the new device but there are a few things that work differently in this new world.

    1) I'm a long-time Palm Pilot user, so I've been addicted to Jot and WordComplete. Jot seems to work okay, but I had to disable WordComplete because it consistently crashes Blazer. Is there a workaround or a better web browser that works with WordComplete?

    2) With my 300 when a calendar alarm went off, I could Snooze it and tell the device how long to snooze for. I don't seen to have this ability with the 600. Any ideas?

    3) I love that the 600 is supported with Audible books - any suggestions on appropriate headphones? Any headphone device that I can use both for listenning to audiobooks and music and also for telephony?

    4) Speaking of listening to music, I'm looking forward to using the Treo for everyday listening instead of my iriver hd device. What's the best MP3 program for the Treo 600?

    5) Any other cool apps that work especially well on the 600? My day job is in the project management world but I haven't used any Palm apps for work. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for any help y'all might be able to offer.


    PS - any suggestions on the best case for someone who will be using the stylus and touchscreen much more than the keyboard?
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    Give the keyboard some time. You might like it more than you think.
    TextPlus works well
    Seidio 2 in 1 headphones for music and telephone usage
    PTunes is pretty nice
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    I just downloaded the trial versions of pocket tunes and text plus...will think about using some xmas $$ for the seidio headphones. Since I almost never used the slightly bigger keyboard on the 300, I doubt that I'll start using the miniscule one on the 600. But you never know.

    Thanks again, scottreo. I'm still hoping there's a solution for setting the snooze time on the fly. I find the way it works now to be seriously annoying!


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