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    WOW from the archives....Anyway the only hope for this is the Sprint 700P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dzenc
    Aha! Found it - "PhnLibTrapGetMdmPosition" -- Unfortunately, there is no API definition for this Trap in the header files, so someone would need to disassemble the CDMA library to deduce the parameters. Anybody done any Palm disassembling?
    PhnLibGetMdmPosition() is not supported by Treo650 CDMA Phone library.
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    You can query the Sprint LBS via Microsoft Location Server w/o any software on the phone. So in threory you could install MLS and write a small app for the sprint 600/650/700 that would query the MLS, get the phone's location and then populate a NMEA string and push it through the serial port provider on the phone so that GPS enabled software would think a GPS device is attached. I'm using a similar solution on an application that I wrote for a trucking company and based on what I've seen the accuracy of AGPS is anywhere from 100m to 3km depending on the density of the towers and terrain....the inconsistency of the accuracy would probably limit what kinds of applicaitons you could use.

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    I was just looking at Mapquest yesterday and it looks like they are working on a maping program which will use the built in GPS capabilities of the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryDad
    PhnLibGetMdmPosition() is not supported by Treo650 CDMA
    There is no LBS-related functions in the current Treo650 CDMA library. More info here:
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