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    Now that we have the grand merger of Cingular/AT&T, it seems the 180 I bought a year ago will actually be useful to travel with. But - while my lid is fine, any slight movement when the phone is open triggers the lid switch. If I want to do something as odd, as, well, talk on my treo, I have to force the lid open with my thumb so it wont keep activating the switch. Anyone else have this problem?

    While my lid is so far unbroken, I'm tempted to just make it a 180NL. But I'm used to the lid switch to activate my menus... anyone thought of putting in a button of a sort to replace the switch?

    btw - does anyone actually get their email on the 180? I'm just trying to ride out the wait for the 650 GSM (maybe 600) and funds....
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    Strange one... the switch actually comprises of a magnet in the lid (just to the left of the speaker) and another about where the letter 'D' is. When the lid is closed, the circuit is completed and the Treo turns off... I find it quite odd that moving your lid when it's open does anything at all...
    Sure you haven't got a magnet somewhere on you (in a watch, bracelet etc).

    When I do an NL, the power button on top serves as the 'switch' (or hit any hard key).
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    When the 180 is open, I can do a tap on the lid (as if to close it) and will get the menu bar (as if hitting the :menu: key).

    nope, no magnets on me....

    always thought this was a usual feature, but haven't been around others with treos...
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    The screws on the back of the Treo are too tight and are causing the case to press against the screen. Loosen the top screws by a quarter turn and it should fix it...

    FYI, the spring in the hinge is pretty heavy-duty (and just dying to get out - hence all those broken lids). Every time the lid is opened, the forces are such that there is a small twist in the Treo case. This can cause the case to actually press the screen if the screws are too tight.

    Hope this helps
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    and to think, I'm usually the nut that's loose!

    loosened the screws a bit - worked like a charm... only sad thing is I can't quite justify the time to do the NL mod now.......
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    Re. the NL mod. I guess, if it ain't broke...

    Glad you're up and running
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    So do have any spares of the treo 270NL shell sitting around. I would be happy to take one of your hands if you do.

    Let me know...
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