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    Why thank you and your reply is offensive.

    I was responding to the stated objective of the thread, you responded with two different motives.

    Excuses like "gee, I've got the insurance anyway" are lame since the insurance isn't supposed to protect against activities like opening a device which voids the warranty.

    I can just see one of the replies from above about how they opened the Treo and now the mic doesn't work becoming a "Gee, the Treo is a POS because it broke when I opened it" thread later on.

    Sorry if the obvious offends you but a stupid action is a stupid action. If you want to blow $600 do ahead, it's your money. There are easier ways to satisfy curiousity like looking at the FCC docs which will show you the inside.

    FYI, I'm have a B.S.E.E. and have designed electronics myself, have you?

    Quote Originally Posted by twocows
    and yet you have the power to skip on and move to the next thread ...
    i was rather surprised no one (until now) voiced their thoughts like you did bcaslis.

    I take it you're one of the two:

    1) have 0 curiousity ... opening my treo wont just allow me to install a screen protector THE EASY WAY but it will show me the internals. that part is worth it for me! seeing the inner guts.

    2) dont give a rats *** about a $600 device cause you got enough $$ to replace the screen which will probably cost $150+ to replace.

    in any case.
    your comment is offensive. thank you and have a nice day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons
    First of all, it's $50 deductable (I know, I recently paid it to replace my 600, even though I ended up with a 650). There was a deductable increase earlier this year.

    Secondly, you're restricted to 2 replacements per year. Now, add it up. If you replace one, you spent $110 to do so. I'm sure the actual cost of the unit isn't much more. You replace two, you spent $160 to do so. They probably lost money on that deal, but then factor in how many people never use it, and they make money.

    I've had the protection since shortly after dropping my Treo 300 in a bowl of gumbo 2 years ago. The other day was my first time to use it. That's $170. Good deal for me, but I suspect they didn't lose any money either.

    BTW, this time my 600 ended up in the bilge of my boat on a windy day.
    No, I was referring to the fact that I seriously doubt the insurance policy covers you opening the thing up and screwing around inside.

    Somebody show me an insurance policy that covers this.
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