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    I just got my Treo 600, which replaced a Sanyo 8100. Sprint is my wireless provider.

    When someone sends me a text message, I get a "short mail notification", rather than an actual SMS. This means I have to go to the Sprint messaging website to pick up my message. I am able to send SMS from the built-in app.

    I call Customer Support yesterday; I was told that my phone wasn't provisioned for SMS, and that the fix would be pretty easy. After about 10 minutes he indicated that I had been updated on "all of the servers" and that I shouldreceive full SMS within 30 minutes. 30 hours later, and I'm still struggling here.

    I called Sprint Cust Service again today. The Customer Service rep insisted that I download a 3rd party SMS app from the PalmOne support site. It is for all "standard GSM phones". Sprint doesn't carry GSM technology! Why would he point me there?

    Please help. How do I get a freakin' SMS message?

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    what about the updater 1.20? Or get treo600sms.
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    Its not easy after about 20 phone calls and almost two weeks I finally got someone who knew what they were doing and sms is working.
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    This is happening to 650 users as well. Network issue, not hardware.

    Sprint will fix it, it just may take a little while

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