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    Everytime I try and perform a backup it says error backing SHIM LOGS. It almost seems like this is a file that the system uses and there for cannot backup. Im using TEALBACKUP and excluding this file but was wondering whats it for or what it is.
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    I guess noone knows what this is for? Can it be removed?
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    I installed an app on my 650. Think it was ptunes. When I tried to uninstall ptunes with a uninstall utility, the utility said could not modify shim. I don't know if it has anything to do with remembering registration or what not. But I thought it was interesting that the uninstall program tried to modify the file or delete and reported back saying it couldn't. The uninstall program thought it was part of the app ptunes (or what ever app that the demo expire). Funny thing was I could not reinstall the app (ptunes) without getting the "your trial has expired". The only way to really remove it is to do the P1 reset. That is not to say that it will not come back. The shim will be back at it's original state. I also beleive that if you do the hard reset and just sync everything back, you will still get the shim somehow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larry91403
    I guess noone knows what this is for? Can it be removed?

    Yes... it can be deleted. I think it has something to do with the phone. I had the same problem with it being locked during backup, so I turned the phone off and then deleted it. Did the backup successfully and when I turned the phone back on, the log was created again.

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