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    Here are the instructions I have except they skip a step.

    in the zip file theres a PALM\Launcher\RomUpdaterApp.prc file and then theres another folder ROM\ with the ROM files.

    I dont have a SD Card reader. just the SD card in my treo.

    whats the process in setting this up?

    1. IMPORTANT!!! Plug your device into the charger first. Hot sync if you haven't already. Remember. At the end of this, you'll have to hard reset your device, so you will lose everything on it.

    2. When you put the card in the SD slot, it should default to the "Card" applications menu.

    3. Tap the ROMUpdater app. It will take you to a screen with a lot of text.

    4. Type "rev cvt2" (no quotes). Hit the return key.

    5. Type "ace" (no quotes). Hit the return key.

    6. After the flash is complete, it will say, "PLEASE HARD RESET YOUR DEVICE". Here's how you do it:

    a) Remove the battery cover and use the stylus to do a pin reset, located on the left side of the battery.

    b) Quickly look at the LCD. You will see a bar moving from left to right. Before it reaches about midpoint on the bottom of the screen, press and hold down the RED phone button until you see the Palm logo.

    c) When you see the Palm logo (the moving bar is gone), release the RED phone button. You will be prompted to press the up button to erase all of your data. Please do so.

    7. Follow the steps to recalibrate your touch screen.

    8. You're done! Re-sync your data and turn on your radio by pressing and holding the RED phone button.
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    This 600? 90? 650?
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    Treo 650. sorry.
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    it is in the 650 forum. probably would be a good guess

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