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    Has anyone created any REALLY great ThinkDB databases? And I don't mean those posted on's site. If you have one, or know where I can get a hold of one, could you let me know?
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    Mr. Tim -

    Not sure what qualifies as REALLY great for you, but I have made two ThinkDB databases for myself so far:

    * Wine database - records the label info, tasting notes, and a second table for recording my cellar contents. The second table links to the first for basic label info.

    * Passwords - for keeping track of all the login ID's and passwords I am forced to change on company systems, and all the web sites I use. One table.

    The next one I plan to create is for tracking auto maintenance.

    I will gladly send these to you if you want, but you should try to write some of your own. I'm no computer expert, but I have found ThinkDB to be very easy to use to create very useful databases completely customized to what I want. Maybe with a decent example to learn from, you too will find it easy!

    - Rusty

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