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    OK, I'm a Treo 600 user that just bought a Treo 650. I just read through a dozens and dozens of pages on sound issues, WiFi, yadda yadda yadda, but can someone give me a quick, short list of what I will need to have a happy Treo 650 experience?

    I'm not really worried too much about migrating my info from the 600...

    I've got a 512MB SD card from my 600 -- I might get a 1GB card...

    But anything in terms of drivers, ROMs, upgrades, programs I need?

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    Just be sure to follow the directions posted as sticky above. That should save you headahes. Not all 600 progs are working on the 650 yet.

    Sounds issues are affecting a small portion but not all people. There has yet to be any ROM updates but some have claimed Palm is working on a fix for supposed sound issues as well as memory or lack thereof issue.
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