I recently got a Treo 650. Works great so far. I work at an organization that has locked down PCs and has not updated the Palm Desktop software yet. I am running Outlook 2000 SR-1 on a Windows 2000 machine against an Exchange backend. I sync with Outlook, not the palm desktop. They are currently running HotSync Manager 4.1.0 with the pocketmirror conduits (v 3.1.6).

For now I intend to sync the calendar only at work. I will sync the other items on my home PC (not calendar), using the latest HotSync Manager that shipped with my Treo.

My Question: will I have any problems syncing the Outlook calendar at work with my Treo? Are there any fields that will get missed by the old HotSync Manager? (Or, is there anything else I should know about before I try this?)