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    Well in looking at reviews of the HBH 660 online I found a review that said the HBH has two volume controls. If you use the rocker during a call it increases the volume. If you use the rocker when you are not on a call it adjusts the volume of the ringing and the beep tone.

    "The delay on restoring the link to the phone when making or receiving a call is negligible, though the beeps emitted at all stages of the process are irksome. Fortunately, the volume control can separately adjust the beep volume and the call volume, though the latter only when actually engaged in a call."
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    can someone confirm that you cannot answer a call waiting with the headset?!
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    I can confirm that you _can_ answer call waiting with this headset. However, if your phone is Sprint, then you need to have the Bluetooth Car Kit update from PalmOne installed (or possibly the new firmware). If your phone is GSM it should just work.
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    woah you can? I checked treocentral's website & it says you cannot answer call waiting with headset. can you or someone else who has the new sprint formware & the hbh 660 confirm that you actually can answer call waiting with the headset? thanx! if so, this is a no brainer as to which headset I'll get
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    Yes, I can confirm that call-waiting works with the new Sprint 1.08 firmware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottydon't
    I ordered one from Dan's Cellular on Dec 17th. Dec 27th and still waiting. I also ordered the slicgels silicone ear gels that were recommended on another post. FYI the url is .
    how does one install the slic sounds ear piece to the 660? It seems impossible due to the design of the plastic earpiece on the 660...
    Cingular 680
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    Quote Originally Posted by DVD Guy
    Slic Sounds are extremely easy to put on the 660.

    ok but do you have to cut anything on the 660? I dont see how the slic sounds piece fits over the existing 660's earpiece thingy...thanks
    Cingular 680
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