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    I was VERY happy to find LeftHack and get the scroll bar on the left side of the screen for most applications.... but the scroll bar in AvantGo remains stubbornly on the right.
    I emailed AvantGo Support - they said that AvantGo just doesn't work with the left hand scroll. They DID say that they sent an inquiry to their engineers to see if they could support LeftHack - but seemed doubtful "since it is hack software"...

    Does anyone have any suggestions (other than just living with the right hand scroll bar)?

    My current choices seem to be:
    - To cover the screen each time I use the stylus to tap the scroll bar, OR
    - To awkwardly switch back & forth between the stylus and scroll buttons, OR
    - Work on being ambidextrous
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    Sure! AvantGo is great for lefties. You don't need the scroll bar at all. Just drag the article up or down with the stylus anywhere there isn't a link.
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    Thanks, landtuna!
    This makes things MUCH easier! I *might* have accidentally stumbled onto this on my own.... but maybe not! (Thanks again!)

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