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    Alright, I'm 'boutta go on a trip for the holidays and I'm gonna put my MP3 capabilities to the test... Does playing MP3s have a big effect on battery life? I know conventional mp3 players are known for superb battery life, but what 'bout the treo? If I play and cut off the screen, would that make a significant difference?
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    If you're just playing audio off the card and via ear headphones, then the Treo really has superb battery life. Streaming shoutcast on the other hand really sucks battery farily quickly as to be expected. I can play for many hours and only use moderate amounts of battery life...
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    Yep...the 600 lasts a really long time while playing music with PTunes...I only use it through the speaker though, so I'm sure it is even better with headphones than the hours of use I could get if I tried. I just use my ipod usually though...PTunes is only when I'm showering or whatever...
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    Nice! Thanks for the info
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