Greetings Exalted One,

Since you seem to be really plugged into the whole Palm thing to the extent many of us only dream of I was wondering if this would be possible.

I have used Callfilter and the only thing that really is of use to me is the call completion portion. Pops up at the end of the call and allows you to make notes that are saved in a Daily Journal entry in the calender. It also lets you create a followup call or followup meeting. very cool but not enough. I have made suggestions for enhancements to the developer on mtdn but he is not doing anything until the gsm version of the 650 is out so it will be months before we get anything new.

Here's what i would like to see.

The same call completion screen or something very similar
the ability to create:
new contact
schedule meeting
schedule a call
open a memo
record a voice memo (now that we have voice record whoo hoo)
the ability to redial direct from the completion screen.

what do you think?