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    I want to do a hard reset of my 600, but when I do and I hot sync to get my data back, my applications come back as well. I want NOTHING, no apps, no registry, nothing, just my address book and planner.
    Can someone tell me how to just put them 2 things back on my 600 after a hard reset?
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    find the c/program files/handspring(might be palm)/(your hotsync name)/backup folder and then rename or move it somewher else. you can delete it but you might want something from it later
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    Nice... So that vital stuff I mentioned is not in that backup directory? I just did it (renamed) and all my vital stuff was back, but apps and stuff weren't, exactly what i wanted. *thanks tons*
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    You're welcome! Glad to help. If you find there is an app you need you can get the PRC back any time from the renamed folder.

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