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    I have a 650 up for auction on eBay.

    Check out the "Questions from other buyers" below the pictures of the phone at the bottom of the listing. This jerk thinks I was born yesterday.

    Nice try. I must say the scammers are out lately on ebay. I have gotten two attempts on this item already. This one and someone also tried to get me to take a credit card payment for more than my buy it now amount and then ship it to the Netherlands. Yeah. That credit card is good.

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    Selling a RoadShow Treo eh?

    ... I still havent recieved mine, along with a bunch of people from NY and DC.

    It kind of upsets me that some Treos that were shipped already go for nothing more than profit.
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    Yeah, trying to sell the roadshow unit. Order 60x.

    My Sanyo 8100 died (really, I know it was convenient but it did) and I had to order from Sprint in late Nov. People say I sound pretty good and I don't have any bad pixels or keys or anything so I thought "why press my luck?" I'll sell the sealed new one and keep one that I know is good. But if I can't even get $559 for it I may have to return this one to Sprint after all.

    eBay is fantastic but you do have to be a smart buyer and seller. I have really done well selling my not very old technology items and replacing them with brand new stuff for only small upgrade fees. My wife can't believe some of the deals I have been able to swing. Actually, when I tell her the details she thinks I am full of it. lol

    Such as selling a Blackberry for $175, a Palm T3 for $320 and a new (replacement) Sanyo 8100 for $160 for a total of $665. Then I replaced them all with a roadshow Treo for $359 incl shipping. Not bad eh?
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    This matt guy emailed me too for my Treo 650 on eBay. I assume he emailed everyone selling one hoping at least one person would give it to him.

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    Post his message and your response on you auction. Let's nail his axx.
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    This Matt scammer dude sure is going to a lot of trouble to scam a $10 memory card. Be a lot easier and profitable to get a job flipping burgers. What an *****.

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