I'm a brand-new Treo 600 owner..yipee!

I've got two PCs at home that have ATI All-In-Wonder cards. Since they've got cable TV feeds going into the ATI cards, I can easily record analog cable broadcasts and save them as MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files. I'm not familiar with the Treo video format/support (since I just got it) but I was wondering since the ATI card supports custom frame rates, resolutions and compression schemes, if I can just get the right frame rate, resolution and compression and then save it to the Treo SD card (1Gb SD) if I can play it on my Treo 600 - or do I need additional software?

I've read about the Kimoni (sp?) software suite for doing this, but it seems to me that I've already got video capture on the two PCs and can easily transfer captures to SD, now it's just a matter of compression scheme, resolution and a decent video player for the Treo.

Any and all comments are welcome!


Chris R.