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    as title.

    How to remove datebook ?
    Why handspring put datebook in ?
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    You can't beam appointments with Datebook Plus. If you use Datebook Plus appointments are automatically entered into Datebook also. I use Datebook Plus because I like the floating appointment feature. If I need to beam an appointment I switch over Datebook, so itís nice to have both.

    Chip Holcomb
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    Datebook is the original Palm date application and is included in the Palm OS. It seems that instead of the going to the considerable (if not impossible) effort of removing it from the OS, Handspring choose to simply add an improved version along side the OS in the ROM. As such you CANNOT remove the datebook.

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    on addition to the last posting:
    since it is in the ROM there is no need to remove it, it takes up no memmory...
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    In case the original poster is wondering how to make datebook plus the default, just go into Prefs, select buttons from the drop-down list, which will give you a screen allowing you to assign different apps to the buttons. In this case, just tap on the ddl by the calendar button and select dbplus as your default. In addition, I placed dbplus in the MAIN category and relegated db to UNFILED. My 2 cents...

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