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    Ever happen to you? Only had the 600 for 5 days, was poking around, and the screen blanked (background light on, nothing showing). My technologically-disabled wife told me I should reset it. That worked.

    But why? Is this a general problem?
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    probably crashed

    only happens when you use buggy software
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    sounds like white screen of death (WSOD).. soft reset wi' do it and most likely some software freeze like the previous poster mentioned
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    'preciate the responses. But I have no new software on it (unless you count whatever VZW loaded on it for their service). Shall I just chalk this up to experience, and assume it's ok?
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    My screen went to white when trying to hotsync. I tried a reset, hard reset, and battery disconnect reset with no luck. Called Handspring - replacement is in the mail (I'm within my 1 year warranty).

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