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    I am a registered user of LightWav. I have loaded a few WAV's and mp3's into the RAM of my Treo 600. Here is the "problem". If I use the LightWav WAV's or mp3's as a ringtone, it takes 4 rings from the calling phone for the rings to start on the Treo 600. If I use one of the default ringtones on the Treo 600, it only takes 1 ring from the calling phone. Since it takes 4 rings from the calling phone to start the rings on the Treo 600, the person making the call could hang up thinking that I'm not going to pick up my cell phone. I though that by placing the WAV's or mp3's in the RAM the Treo 600 would start ringing faster then keeping the rings on the SD card. Is there anyway to resolve this problem?
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    I use wav's and mp3's off the sd card, and they always start immediately - never a delay.

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