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    I posted this question in the general area but think it fits better here.

    My wife and I have a Visor Deluxe and Palm IIIx and want to synch with our home PC. Has anyone hooked up both the serial cradle (from Palm) and the USB cradle (from Handspring) to the same machine (running Win 98 and Outlook98) and have the Hotsync perform properly? I've been playing with the Hotsync setup options and it looks like it only supports one connection. Right now I have only the USB connected and working. Can it support both?
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    Well, not quite your situations, but I've run the Visor serial and Visor USB on the same machine with no probs.

    Eugene Hsieh
    Editor, VisorCentral FAQ
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    I use the BDX and my wife uses a PalmIII. There have been no problems at all. Of course, we don't try to sync with any mail. We have two mail systems on our PC and it doesn't like that...

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