I have searched up and down these forums for this but couldn't find many good threads---

I work out a lot and the ear bud-style headphones keep falling out. I would like to find a wraparound stereo headphone that has good sensitivity and is durable enough for the gym.

I thought Seidio or Skullcandy put a pair of these out, but couldn't find any-- (those two websites aren't the most intuitive, either)...I don't need the dual-mode with the switches and microphones-- just a nice durable wraparound that has a plug that fits and works in my 650.

Also, I see people with their MP3 players strapped to their arms, and thought a Treo case like that may be good for me at the gym-- if anyone has seen something that is durable and protective that wraps around the arm like that, please let me know.

Thanks in advance...