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    I was wondering if anyone knew of an application that dealt with Asheron's Call, but for the Palm OS? Sort of like a helper application. I know this may be taking the game too far, but I love this game, and I would like to have a program that has maps built into it for each town/city/island/etc. If anyone knows of such an application please let me know.

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    there are no programs that i am aware of.

    here are some ideas for getting AC stuff on your visor:

    go to various AC fan sites and d/l the maps and convert them into image viewer images and put them on your visor.

    also use programs like isiloweb to take web pages and convert them into hotsyncable files for the visor.


    PS - AC is VERY cool.

    UPDATE - PeanutPress is selling an AC guide book for 5.99 go to and pick it up for your Visor.

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