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    Out of all the online sites to buy music, which one will allow the playback on the 650? I have tried iTunes, and Napster and hve not been able to transfer it directlt to my 650. I want to be able to simply right click on the song and move it to my PalmOne Quick Install for download on next sync. When I do this with iTunes, and Napster and try to play the file on my 650, I get this message....

    "This file could not be opened. It could be corrupted, or it could be restricted to only allow playback on certain devices."

    Can anyone help???
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    Let me see, Palm already installed Real Player on your device. Maybe, just maybe Real Player will allow you to DIRECTLY transfer music files over. But only if you install the version that came with your device (on the CD). Try it and RTFM -- I mean that with only the greatest love and respect.
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    burn the songs that you bought to a CD, the import them with itunes or similar program to MP3... then you can play them..... you may lose a little quality by doing this since they've been encoded twice, but it will work....
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    I think DVD guy is asking about songs bought directly online. I can rip and play songs from old CDs I own, but who buys CDs anymore? Ptunes 3.06 is supposed to play WMA files, but I have the same error message as DVD guy.
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    that's because the songs you buy online are encrypted.... and each store only supports certain players.... burn them to a CD and import them....
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    I use PTunes on my 650. I do not want to burn them to a CD first though. Any way to avoid burning them to a CD first?
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    Why would you buy online? I have a whole CD collection and I have them loaded on my PC so I just transfer onto the SD card and I'm on my way.
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    Do a search for software that can remove protection on songs you own. Once converted copy them to your device .
  10. #10 best way to go, its a penny per megebyte, average song 6 cents, average cd, 75 cents...

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    Horsmanp, you beat me to it, that site rocks. It's very cheep, and has a large selection.

    But I have heard that they upped their price, it's now a whole 2 cents per Meg!!!
    Blue Skies,
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    Does that solve the problem I am having wity my transfers?
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    indulge me for a second....why are you doing this? I can understand transfering music, but buying it online with your treo???
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    I didn't understand him to say he was buying it online with his Treo, he said he was loading it into quick install, and then syncs it to the 650.

    If the problem you've been having is due to some sort of encryption, then yes will work, as they give you standard mp3 files, not encrypted, protected, or messed with in any way. And you can get the bit rate you like based on the quality of your hearing. If you want high bit rates for better sound quality, you just pay a little more, and it's yours.
    Blue Skies,
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    That site does work as they do not encrypt the too! Thanks for the help.

    You are right wags, I am buying it online and transfering to Quick Install to be loaded on my storage card.
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    Just a note, allofmp3 is not really a "legal" site to download music. If you read the fine print on thier site, they do not honor copyright laws of other countries other than Russia. In other words, they are selling pirated music for very cheap. It is not the same as Walmart, iTunes, etc.
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    I found this interview with, and it answers some of the questions you pose.
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    There's an online music store called emusic. I subscribe to them because they have a lot of great jazz, but I don't know about the rest of their selection. Anyway, they claim to be the only online music store that offers unprotected mp3's. Check them out.

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